Catalyzing change, creating meaning.

Ricki Frankel spends her time as an Executive Coach and Consultant in private practice, and teaching coaching and leadership to MBA students at Lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (GSB). An expert in transitions and a catalyst for change and transformation, she has spent the last 20 years helping people create meaning and engagement in their work and their lives. She works with individuals and organizations as they navigate through transitions. Her typical clients are senior professionals and entrepreneurs who have achieved a level of success, and are now seeking “more”: more meaningful engagement, more impact, more business, more purpose – even more fun! Her coaching style combines well-honed professional coaching skills with sharp insight, organizational experience, intuition, compassion and laughter. She is passionate about helping others make “work work” for themselves and the people who work for them. While the work is serious, she believes it should also be serious fun.

In her role as Lecturer and Coach at the GSB, Ricki facilitates MBA and MSx students’ learning in leadership, interpersonal dynamics, organizational power and influence, and management coaching skills. She teaches the Arbuckle Leadership Fellows program, Leadership Labs (a required course for first year MBA students), and Leadership Coaching.  In addition, she has worked with the Interpersonal Dynamics (aka “touchy feely) and Paths to Power classes.




Education and Training

Ricki spent her undergraduate years at Dartmouth College, and earned her MBA at Wharton. She has coaching training from many different organizations and approaches, and holds certifications from the International Coach Federation (PCC), and the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC). She is the Special Editor for the books How to Survive Your First (or Any) Job and “Life After College”.

Career Transitions

Prior to becoming a coach over 20 years ago, Ricki gained firsthand experience of the transition process through her own career transitions. With a Computer Science degree from Dartmouth under her belt, she started her career as a software programmer, writing municipal bond trading systems. (She quite enjoys mentioning this now because of the way it surprises people who meet her now, who assume she majored in Psychology, English Literature or Religion.) Post-MBA, she made the “logical” career transition to technology marketing, working at Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems and Autodesk – it was the late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s, after all. She ultimately realized this career path was not the right one for her, and embarked on a transition journey that eventually brought her to the field of coaching. Her most recent transition – the third, if you are counting – led her to becoming an educator, and to teaching at Stanford GSB. (For more of the story behind the first two transitions, check out this article, “My Transition Part 1”.)

Identity Shifts

In Ricki’s words:
“The process of transition is really about a shift in identity. If you are an Investment Banker and want to be a psychologist, you have to shift your identity and BECOME a psychologist. If you are a Director and want to be promoted to Vice President, you have to BECOME a Vice President. Even the process of going from single to married is a shift of identity that people over look. In my observation, this is much easier said than done – and people are usually caught off guard by the difficulty.”


“Leap of Faith”

After coaching, consulting to, and teaching people and organizations for over two decades, Ricki has learned that the transition process doesn’t end at the moment of insight. Knowing where you want to go is only the first step. It’s not a straight line from A to B. Rather, it’s a twisty, zigzagging, curvy line from A to Z, with fits and stops, and surprises along the way. Many people want to create change, but not everyone has the courage to take the leap of faith required to continue on the path. Ricki understands this intimately – from her own life as well as from her clients. Working with a coach like Ricki increases the likelihood of successfully taking that leap, and staying the course to create the change you want.

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