Coaching with Ricki helped me replace thinking, ‘I’d like that job some day,’ with action, making me that person right now.

Chief Marketing Officer, Professional Services Firm

I got ’empowered’. Really. I hate that word, but Ricki gave me the confidence to move forward…

Serial Entrepreneur, repeat client

I call it magic because during a “stuck” mode it’s hard to believe that movement can happen. Also, because it’s hard to believe that 30 minutes of a phone conversation can lead to action. But it does.

University Administrator

We have support systems in other parts of our lives — for relationships, for diets, for working out. Coaching made me better equipped to get through the trials in my work life.”

Executive Director, Non-Profit

Ricki offers this amazing balance of being a sophisticated and knowledgeable business person with being a kind, receptive, thoughtful, reflective advisor.

President, Software Company

We have support systems in other parts of our lives — for relationships, for diets, for working out. Coaching made me better equipped to get through the trials in my work life.”

Executive Director, Non-Profit

I’ve been very successful in business, but I’ve never been fulfilled. Ricki helps you understand how you can have both happiness and success.

Chief Marketing Officer, Professional Services

I’ve been a CEO and a senior official in the public sector. I work with Ricki to gain control and direction, to move forward, to make sure my business is both prosperous and enjoyable, and to stick to priorities.

Small Business Owner

I especially value Ricki’s approach — the right balance between being structured and directed toward the goal, while at the same time remaining very open and flexible. We achieved positive results in the short term in an unexpected direction and have kept the long term goal in sharp focus.

Financial Services Professional

I had a lot of decisions to make regarding my career and my life when I first met with Ricki. I thought I might want to start looking for a new job. Coaching with Ricki has been action-oriented, and makes me feel motivated….Surprisingly, I didn’t leave my job — I created the job I wanted right where I was.And now I work out regularly, make time for meditation, and have a more balanced view about everything.

Chief Marketing Officer, Professional Services

Ricki provides a safe environment where I know I can explore all aspects of the decisions and choices I am facing, keeping sight of professional objectives and aspirations while keeping personal fulfillment front and center…And it’s fun!

Media Executive

I wanted more clarity around my career direction and knew I’d need someone to keep me on track. Ricki gave me action items each week to help me figure out my own values and career objectives. Through coaching, I achieved a practice,a readiness, and the confidence to make big changes — which for me meant leaving large corporate America.

Founder, Management Consulting Firm specializing in Education


After coaching with Ricki, my senior leadership team produced higher quality and more efficient results, streamlined decision making, worked collaboratively and, frankly, had more fun. Ricki Frankel’s coaching services should be a requirement for companies seriously committed to fostering superior leadership that can produce bottom line performance.

Former CEO, Media & Technology

For my company, we were looking for someone who could motivate employees, be an impartial observer and advisor and help get our teams to be productive and work collaboratively. Ricki seemed to be able to work with the senior execs as well as the junior members of the team.

CEO, Software Company


Ricki has been instrumental in helping me work through the changing
landscape, while staying focused on my long-term goals. She keeps zeroing inon what’s important – to me – which has already helped me land several clientsin my new business model.

CEO, Investment Advisory

Sometimes the hardest thing about making a change in your life is staying the course. As I constantly revisit my decision to spend a year as an independent consultant, Ricki is there to talk about my fears and help me reflect on what is really happening.

Independent Consultant


Our two day session was fantastic. Ricki did a great job leading a bunch of people who are used to being leaders. Thanks for leading us on a journey that is definitely having an impact on me!

Workshop participant

It is my pleasure to recommend Ricki Frankel. She modified her program to meet the unique needs of our group, and she exceeded our expectations in every way. Her style was a perfect fit for our demanding group, and every participant received significant take-home value. We plan to work with Ricki again in the future.

Workshop participant

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